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Sweet Charity

Our 2019 production is the classic and multi-award winning Sweet Charity, which follows the eponymous heroine, a dancer-for-hire at a Times Square dance hall, in her ever-hopeful search for love in an often cruel world. Performance dates, details of auditions and more information will be published in our regular updates below. [hr] Latest updates on Sweet…
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AGM update

Gala Opera committee held our Annual General Meeting on Monday 14th May. We confirmed the Office Bearers for next year (cue an update of our committee web page) and dates for next year year’s production of Sweet Charity. It will be on Sunday (preview) 3rd March 2019 - 9th March 2019. Other updates will be…
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Summer Holiday – 2018

As feel-good as it gets, Cliff Richard's music is at the heart of this romp across Europe, as four bus mechanics in search of holiday nirvana join forces with an ill-fated girl group and an American starlet on the run... but will they be thwarted by the latter's dastardly mother? [gallery columns="4" ids="2779,2778,2777,2776,2775,2774,2773,2772,2771,2770,2769,2768,2767,2766,2765,2764,2763,2762,2761,2760,2759,2758,2757,2756,2755,2754,2753,2752,2751,2750,2749,2748,2747,2746,2745"]
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New look for Gala Opera’s website

Galashiels Amatuer Operatic Society celebrated its 110th Birthday in 2017 and our old website was feeling that old too! As a society we continue to welcome new members who want to support us and perform with us, therefore our committee thought a fresh new digital look was key. Go us …#gaos The usual stuff can be…
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