From as little as £5, you can become a patron of GAOS.

Becoming a patron of GAOS is like becoming a friend of the society. It is one way of showing your support and helping to ensure GAOS continues to flourish by agreeing to give a small financial contribution.

Your first £5 (minimum contribution) will get you – two patron priority booking vouchers. Each voucher entitles you to priority book one ticket on Tuesday 12th February. two vouchers – two tickets can be booked, four vouchers = four tickets and so one. For every £5, after the initial £5, you get two further patron priority vouchers to use towards priority booking on Tuesday 12th February.

To become a patron, simply provide the following details (your name, address, email address, telephone number and the value you’d like to contribute. Either submit these details, along with your patron donation (multiplies of £5) to A.B Heard, 34 St John Street, Galashiels TD1 3JX, or telephone Sandy or Dot on 01896 755690. You can also email via this website and we will pass your details onto Sandy and Dot to process your request. To ensure you have your patron priority vouchers by 12th February, please make contact by 4th February.

If you are a society member and looking to become a patron, please speak to someone from the committee about how you can use these vouchers on your booking form.

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  1. Dear Sandy and/or Dot I would like to become a Patron and will be pleased to donate £25.00. My postal address is : 34/1 Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 1RZ Please tell me to whom I should send my cheque. I would also like to know how I might order 3 or 4 tickets for the March 2019 Production - my chosen date still to be confirmed with friends.... With good wishes, Anne Sturrock
    • Lynsey Cullen
      Thank you so much for getting in touch Anne. Patron tickets go on sale on Tuesday 12th Feb. The best thing to do is to send the cheque payable to GAOS to the address noted above, include your details, along with an email address or telephone number. Sandy and dot will take it from there and get in touch with you directly. Thanks lynsey

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