How do I get tickets for Sweet Charity?

We have only five weeks to go until opening night and rehearsals are well under way and progressing nicely!

Sweet Charity is famous for being full of Bob Fosse signature choreography and it’s difficult to watch a music video these days without seeing Fosse inspired moves in action - Beyone- Single ladies... 90% Fosse, 10% Beyone.

Our Ms Fosse herself, aka Marie McCullough, our choreographer, is setting the bar high this year and is putting our dancers through their paces and producing FAB-U-LOUS routines that would give the West End productions a run for their money.

How do I get tickets for this spectacular show? I hear you ask. Let’s run through the different ways you can get your hands on them.

If you are a member of the public, our general booking opens at 10am on Saturday 16th February 2019. We host a coffee morning at the Volunteer Hall and our booking team will be there. Not only can you book your tickets but you can be one of the first to hear highlights from the upcoming production of Sweet Charity, whilst sitting enjoying a cuppa. Our booking team ready to sell the remaining tickets that haven’t been booked by our patrons, members or sponsors yet from 10am.

All the seats are numbered and its first come first served for the general booking. If you are unable to come along to the coffee morning, please contact our Booking Manager Audrey on 07754588688 and she’ll get back to you on or after the 16th February.

How do i get priority booking? There are a couple of ways you can get priority booking, allowing you to book before the general sale opens on Saturday 16th February.

On Tuesday 12th February, we hold our priority members/patrons booking morning. Each of our members are allowed to book 6 tickets before they get to book the rest of their tickets at the members booking that evening. This was introduced a couple of years ago as the demand from patrons and sponsors and members was so high that not all our members were able to get tickets!

Luckily we have changed how we let people book and we’ve not had that issue since.

Our patrons and sponsors are invited to come along on the morning of the 12th to book their tickets too. The system can seem complicated at first, but our booking team are all very experienced in making sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

The booking order on the morning of the 12th is as follows –

1st – life members -2 priority/patron tickets each

2nd – complementary and sponsor – maximum of 4 tickets

3rd – a patron member of the public – (first come, first served basis)

4th – patron member of the society (in ballot order)

5th – patron member of the public – (next in the patron queue in the morning)

6th - patron member of the society (in ballot order)

This then repeats until all patrons and members patrons and members priority are booked.

To become a patron visit for more information.

After the 16th February, our booking office is set up just inside the entrance of the Volunteer Hall and is open from 25th Feb Monday – Friday 10am -2pm and Saturday 2nd March 10am -12noon.

And of course, if you are friends or family of a member, they can add you to their booking list – make sure you speak to them before the 4th February though, or you’ll miss this booking option.

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