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From Today (18th of February) we move our rehearsals into the Volunteer Hall, the venue for our six night run. This is the point of the process that the cast and production team both love and dread at the same time. Not only do our wonderful cast have to remember their dance moves, lines and songs, but they also have to negotiate with scenery, props and eventually the rest of the theatrical arts that get added in before you, the audience, take your seats.

But who are these people who give up their own time for a hobby that produces results that could rival some West End productions?

Want to meet some of them? Alright, here goes...

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One of the biggest musical numbers in Sweet Charity is the iconic ‘Rhythm of Life’. This number will be in the capable hands of William Pearson. Daddy Brubeck was famously played by Sammy Davies Jnr in the 1968 version of Sweet Charity and will lead the company in this huge musical number. To say William loves the role would be an understatement - William, now in his eighth production with Gala Opera, says the role of Daddy is very different from other roles he has played in the past. William’s past principal parts have included Seaweed in Hairspray and Edwin in Summer Holiday, to name just a few. William has admitted that singing and dancing at the same time is what he finds most challenging about this role. Check out Daddy’s hippy happiness on stage from the 4th March. Tickets are available now.

Charity Hope Valentine, as her name suggests is not living her best life. Being unlucky in love leads her to being unlucky in life, or is it the other way round? One thing that keeps Charity going in the big bad cynical world that she lives in is her eternal belief that some day she will find Mr Right, not just Mr Right now. With New York City as Charity’s backdrop, she takes us on a journey of her life punctuated by ear worm songs and fabulous dancing. Driving this Sweet Charity cab will be Carla McColgan. Carla is no stranger to the stage in the Volunteer Hall, as this show will be Carla’s ninth. After taking a year out, to focus on her growing design business, Carla has returned with the commitment and drive that this role demands.

When asked what elements of the role Carla enjoys, she highlighted the exciting songs and dance routines she will be performing. ‘If they could see me know’ is one of her favourites in the rehearsal studio. She spoke to us briefly about the challenges around learning so many lines; we let her return to her script swiftly at that point.

Carla’s favourite three shows with Gala have been; Guys and Dolls, where Carla excelled in the role of Adelaide; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Carla took on the role of one of the Seven Brides; and Half a Sixpence, where she played the lovable Ann. Carla oozes the lovability factor and the role of Charity will be no different.

If you don’t know the story of Sweet Charity, who cares, Carla will be making it her own from Monday 4th March and we know you won’t be living your best life if you miss her.

Carmen will be played by Rebecca Frankland. Carmen is a sassy and fun dance hall hostess who works alongside Charity. Like the other girls, she hopes for her big break. Rebecca is no stranger when playing fun-loving characters, particularly after her principle role as Mimsie in Summer Holiday last year. Sweet Charity will be Rebecca’s fifth show with Gala Opera, where she has been cast in a mix of dancing, singing and principal roles. Rebecca’s first and favourite show with Gala Opera was Hairspray. Just like Sweet Charity, it was full of high energy dances and stylised wigs!

Rosie will be played by the young Catriona Moore. Rosie is the new optimistic dance hall hostess who joins the other girls later in the show. Rosie is just figuring out her new way of life and takes as much advice from the more experienced girls as she can get. Like Rosie, Catriona is new to the adult company this year, although she has been in the child company in recent shows including Sunshine on Leith and Evita.

Don’t miss your chance to see Rebecca and Catriona on stage from the 4th March. Tickets are available for general sale from 16th February.



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