Meet your cast of Anything Goes

Today is the day! The SS American is setting sail at 7.30pm tonight. All of the cast and supporting crew are ready to depart and they’d love to take you on their journey.

But before we set sail, we’d like to help you navigate your way through the many faces of this year’s production. So, let’s cast off!

For those of you who don’t know, Anything Goes is set aboard an ocean liner bound from New York to London, (hence the boating terms)

At the helm of the SS American, we have none other that the Captain, played by Andrew Cannon. No stranger to the boards in Galashiels, Andrew is an integral part of GAOS on and off the stage. This will be his 23rd production and his experience is evident in his performances. Andrew’s favourite production during his time with Galashiels was Jesus Christ Superstar. When asked why the show stood out for him, he said, it was amazing to be involved in such a spine chilling production.

In close company to the Captain is the Purser, being played by Ben Williams. This will be Ben’s fifth production with GAOS with Sunshine on Leith noted as his favourite so far. Ben grew up watching his Mum perform in many GAOS productions and this is where he got his inspiration from. If Ben had to choose the next show, he would most certainly want to do 42nd Street- this might have something to do with his tap dancing abilities.

Next up in our meet the cast posts, are ‘Moonface’ Martin and Erma.

Under the guise of ‘Moonface’ Martin, Public Enemy number 13, Dan Wilson returns for his second consecutive production with GAOS. Dan loves the fun and silliness he can bring to the character of Moonface and hates the fact that Moonface is not higher up on the Public Enemy list. Dan tells us that the most challenging part of playing Moonface Martin is the tap dancing-  a dancing public enemy? Well of course, ‘anything goes’.  

Joining Moonface on his tap dancing antics is his girlfriend Erma. Played by Jess Thomson, she brings bubbliness to this lovable, if not, slightly dim character. Jess has been in four GAOS shows and this is her first principle role with the society. As a huge fan of Wicked, Jess would love to see Gala do this next year; maybe one day Jess! Fingers crossed!

Next up in our Meet the Cast posts are Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt.

Billy Crocker is a stowaway in love with heiress Hope Harcourt, who is engaged to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. If that was all there was to the story, it would be a pretty short musical...

Playing Billy Crocker, we have Jack McAuley. Most will recognise Jack from previous GAOS performances including, Steve in Summer Holiday and Vittorio Vidal in Sweet Charity. Jack has always been interested in performing, and is inspired by his own family and friends. Jack says that he is never happier than when he’s on stage.

Throughout Anything Goes, Billy finds himself in a variety of comical situations and is willing to risk it all for the girl he loves. Jack is enjoying the mischievous and humorous attributes his character brings.

Catriona Lamb is taking on the leading role of Hope Harcourt. Although Catriona is only 17, she brings sophistication and maturity to the character of Hope. Catriona was last on stage with GAOS in 2017 in Evita, as part of the chorus. Catriona admits that, even though helping with some of the technical aspects last year for Sweet Charity was cool, but she really missed being on stage. From Singing in the Rain to Shrek, there doesn’t seem to be a musical she doesn’t love.

Next up in our Meet the Cast posts are Lorraine Kemp and Simon Thomson.

Mrs Evangeline Harcourt, mother of Hope, will be performed by Lorraine Kemp. Lorraine is a well kent face in the Borders Amateur Operatic circuit and Anything Goes will be her 5th show since joining GAOS. Lorraine hates the fact that Mrs Harcourt is a snob and a gold digger, however she equally loves playing the character. Lorraine feels the biggest challenge this year is keeping up a convincing American accent. With just over a week to go, we’re sure Lorraine will nail it come opening night!

Elisha Whitney will be played by Simon Thomson. In Simon’s words: “Elisha might be old but he loves a drink.”  Simon made his debut performance with GAOS in Summer Holiday where he play the comedy role of Jerry. Simon’s eyes were opened up to the performing arts whilst at high school. Jeff Thomson asked Simon to audition for a school show. Little did Simon know how that small ask would change his life – truly inspirational.

With less than one week to go, it’s quite literality all hands on deck - and who better to help out than our Sailors and Stewardesses.

Anything Goes is set aboard the SS American and Eve Sinclair, Caroline Hardie, Kat Adamson, Mya Lamb, Adam Wilson and Fraser Weston are all set to keep it in ship shape condition.

This will be Caroline Hardie's ninth show with GAOS. When asked, Caroline said that it takes a wide range of talent to be a stewardess on the SS American; singing, acting, official sailor duties, whilst of course tap dancing.

Eve Sinclair, will be taking to the GAOS stage for a fourth time. Eve came to see GAOS production of Sunshine on Leith and has been with the company ever since. She just loves being on the stage and we love seeing her up there!

Kat Adamson’s debut show with GAOS was last year’s production of Sweet Charity. Kat agrees with Caroline on the range of talent required. She has however found the dancing a particular challenge this year.

New to the GAOS stage are Mya Lamb, Adam Wilson and Fraser Weston. There are a number of family links in the wider GAOS family, and Mya adds to this list as she will be sharing the stage with her Auntie Shelley. With such a range of experience, it is great to see them all working together to be part of this fantastic production.

UP next we have, Reno Sweeney and Evelyn Oakleigh.

Nightclub singer Reno will be performed by the rising star Holly Nichol. Holly is a strong character actress and Reno will be her debut principle role with GAOS.

Reno Sweeny is confident and sassy and unapologetic for it. Fronting several musical numbers, including the unforgettable title song ‘Anything Goes’, Holly is definitely is up for the challenge. When asked, Holly says, there is nothing she would change about her character, but she would appreciate it if she stopped to breathe once in a while.

Holly has always loved musicals and says that when she saw Wicked (the first time) it made her realise that she wanted to go and study musical theatre, so she did.

Debuting with GAOS is James Bennett, taking on the role of Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Playing the character with an exaggerated English accent, James loves the fact that Evelyn is blissfully unaware of how loud he is. James is no stranger to the stage and says the rush of adrenaline from hearing audiences cheering is what inspired him to perform on stage.

Next up, Reno's Angels.

Emily Balderston, Rosie Fletcher, Catriona Moore and Kara Roberts, will become Reno’s sassy Angels and dance their way across the Atlantic on the SS American.

These ladies are Reno’s backup singers and dancers for her nightclub act and we know that they will not disappoint!

This will be Emily’s fourth production with GAOS, Rosie’s third, Catriona’s fourth and Kara’s first. These young ladies are already extremely experienced on the stage. Thanks to their local Performing Arts School, Creative Stage, they all starred in a highly acclaimed production of ‘A Chorus Line’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. Collectively they can tap dance rings around almost anyone!

Last but not least in our Meet The Cast posts are John, Luke and Reverend Henrietta T Dobson.

John, Oliver Grant and Luke, Matthew Wear, come as a pair and will have you laughing in your seat. The Chinese double act will punctuate the whole show in between the tap-dancing numbers. This will be Oliver’s debut performance with GAOS and Matthew’s third.

Both of these young men are massive fans of musical theatre and we know that they will have you laughing out loud in your seats.

Reverend Henrietta T Dobson will be play by Catharine Fletcher and we look forward to seeing her take up this role. Catharine is no stranger to the GAOS stage, with this being her twelfth performance.

One of our favourite roles that Catharine has played was Mrs Pingleton in Hairspray. We know that her comic timing will shine through while on board the SS American.

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