New look for Gala Opera’s website

Galashiels Amatuer Operatic Society celebrated its 110th Birthday in 2017 and our old website was feeling that old too!

As a society we continue to welcome new members who want to support us and perform with us, therefore our committee thought a fresh new digital look was key. Go us …#gaos

The usual stuff can be found here including; contact details, some photo galleries and of course any news of future productions and ticket booking details.

In addition to that our new look website features a link to our Gala Opera Facebook page and a members  This is designed to keep our fans/audiences as up to date with our latest news as possible and our members practicing their dance moves in their spare time.

Now go explore, And remember it’s a brand new site, so if something isn’t working quite right then just let us know via the contact section.


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